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Beware the Tides of March March, 2018 Welcome to the 163rd Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this very blustery and cold edition, it’s time to praise all things unpasteurized in a nama salute, discover how the sake industry has finally taken up arms to compete with the other alcohols, pick ten... Continue reading article ›
Sake Industry - Finally Chasing Customers March, 2018 Well well well! It’s been a very time in the making! In fact, I’m sort of surprised it’s taken so long, but nothing about the sake industry surprises me anymore. As a retailer of sake for over a decade and a half, I’ve been on... Continue reading article ›
Sake Industry – Tasting An Entirely New Sake Portfolio From Sake Tengoku! June, 2013 Sake Industry – Tasting An Entirely New Sake Portfolio From Sake Tengoku! One of the fun aspects of hanging around the sake industry for over a decade is that you get to see some sake success stories along the way. It is so rewarding to watch... Continue reading article ›
Sake Industry - Protecting Against Poor Quality Sakes In The Market May, 2013 In the April issue of the True Sake Newsletter I wrote a piece about being served a bad sake in London. (LINK HERE PLEASE TO APRIL ISSUE "BAD SAKE") Several readers emailed me about what I had written, basically asking why I didn't look at... Continue reading article ›
Sake Statistics - How Is The Market Doing? October, 2012 In preparation for a radio interview that I was going to do I reached out to a couple sources to get some real time statistics about the overall sake market in the US. One source stepped up big and I owe Katie Berndt Marketing Manager... Continue reading article ›

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