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Top 10 List – Ten Sakes and Their Twins April, 2016 No two sakes are identical! But what if you like one sake so much and you can’t find it anywhere? Is it okay to cheat on your sake? Sure! Of course it is! How did that song go: “If you can’t be with the one... Continue reading article ›
Top Ten List – Sakes That Make You Think About Water March, 2016 The final product of sake in a bottle is 80% water! So not only do you enjoy a nice buzz, but you hydrate at the same time! Or not! Nevertheless water is extremely important in the sake making process as well as the final drinking... Continue reading article ›
Top Ten List –
Merry Mei’s Top Ten Gift Ideas That Are Sake-riffic! December, 2015
So you need a sake elf to help pull you through the holidays? Look no further than the elf herself – Mei – from the North-Pole-Rammed-Sake-Land or Kimoto-Kringle-Town! Are you at a loss? Don’t know what to get anybody?   Well if you need to... Continue reading article ›
Top 10 List – Ten Sakes Selected By The First Daughter of Sake June, 2015 There are so many folks out there today in sake land claiming to hold the most titles, certified in this, ordained in that, an expert in this, officially accomplished in that and it’s getting a bit much! So you do a course for 5 days... Continue reading article ›
Top Ten List – Top Ten Genshu Sakes For The Drought! May, 2015 Drought Drought Drought!!! This Top 10 List is our best efforts to conserve water at True Sake and in California as a whole. Here are 10 sakes that have no added water – undiluted or “Genshu” sake. Typically after fermentation the brewers will add water... Continue reading article ›
Top Ten List – Ten Sakes That Make For a Great Acid Trip! March, 2015 So you want to learn a little bit more about sake and what makes it tick? One of the big components of sake is acidity, which plays a huge role in the brewing process and in the glass for the drinking process. Typically sake levels... Continue reading article ›
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