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Sake Moment - Yes Sake Goes With Cajun Food! August, 2007  In the middle of July I ventured to New Orleans for a massive cocktail event known as "Tales of the Cocktail." This alcohol fandango accumulated top mixologists, bartenders, authors, and sauce lovers for 5 days of discussing, educating, and celebrating booze (mostly distilled beverages). I was flown... Continue reading article ›
Sake Moment - Dinner with The Head of Hakkaisan July, 2007 If you recall from Newsletters past I had nice dinner with the international brand manager for Niigata Prefecture's Hakkaisan brewery Ms. Kumiko Kurasawa. I hit Kumiko with a three-page list of interview questions, which she answered so very well! We must have done something right... Continue reading article ›
Sake Moment - Satomi Furugaki Looks At The LA Izakaya Scene June, 2007 One of my favorite new faces on the sake scene is Satomi Furugaki from Los Angeles. Satomi is the "Sake Instructor" for the California Sushi Academy. By day and by night she is a sake goddess seeking out the sake scene of Southern California. She has... Continue reading article ›
Sake Moment - Aging Nama May, 2007 For the past several years I have been playing around with aging Nama sake. What? "You age fresh unpasteurized sake?" Indeed I do. (Again, there are no rules with sake and the more you play with it the more fascinating this beverages becomes) Some Namas... Continue reading article ›
Sake Moment - Smiling In Front of The Fridge April, 2007 Last week I was working the store and was standing behind the counter when a Japanese gal in her late 20's came into the store. I greeted her and then went back to replying to some emails. Several moments later I felt a need to... Continue reading article ›
Sake Moment - Skipjack Sushi August, 2006 As many of you know, on occasion I have to work a little to keep my kids in shoes. And work sometimes takes the great turn of being able to help restaurateurs develop sake menus unique to the U.S., SF, and their local hoods, and... Continue reading article ›

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