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Sake Seasons – May Is The Official Month of BBQ May, 2017 April showers bring May flowers! We all know that. But what do May flowers bring? Quick, somebody say “pilgrims.” No! May flowers bring pilgrims who were BBQers! And that is the true story how the month of May officially became the month of BBQ. Tell... Continue reading article ›
Sake Season – Thanks-Giving Sake November, 2013 Before we get to the Ho Ho Ho we must visit the bird show! For countless years I have been imploring you wonderful sake sleuths to make sake a HUGE part of your Thanksgiving dinner. For years we have hung paper turkeys around the bottlenecks... Continue reading article ›
Sake Seasons - Hiyaoroshi (Fall Draft Sakes) November, 2008 Okay - so we all pretty much know what a "Nama" or unpasteurized sake is or is supposed to be - a sake that is not heated to act as a form of a preservative. Wine has a preservative in the shape of sulfites. As... Continue reading article ›
Grillin' Season - Top Ten Grilling Foods Paired With Sake July, 2007 We hear it all the time - it is the gold standard line of customers when they come to True Sake to buy a bottle of sake for dinner - "What goes well with sushi?" Aaaaahhhhhhhh! The sake world outside of Japan is very blessed... Continue reading article ›

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