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Sake Story - Sake Serendipity May, 2013 No you are not crazy! (well just a little) Yes! There have been some themes in this newsletter. I was in London. I was sick. I tasted sake. I tasted poor sake at a restaurant. I tasted sake professionally. I became sicker. I tasted egg-sake... Continue reading article ›
Sake Story - Oldest Brewery Talks Post Earthquake Blues October, 2012 This is a Japan Times article about Sudo Honke (The Ibaraki brewery that is the oldest in the biz) makers of Sato no Homare "Pride of the Village." We bring this article to your attention because as fate would have it the day after this... Continue reading article ›
Sake Story - Masao Aisawa (The Elvis of the Sake World!) November, 2009 We all have one! We know it! And sometimes we appreciate it and often we just simply forget to recognize how lucky we are to know "that guy." I have a "that guy" and quite frankly I am so privileged to even be in the... Continue reading article ›
Sake Story - The "Overflow" Pour In A Masu October, 2009 Whoooooaaaa! You see it happening - right there before your eyes - your brain immediately processes the info at hand - the waiter has gone mad - but - but - should you say something - should you do something - he has lost total... Continue reading article ›
Sake Story - Back To My Humble Sake Beginnings September, 2009 As I wrote in the introduction of my book - "Sake a Modern Guide" - sake called to me in the strangest of places - in a dark and seedy sushi bar in Cape Town, South Africa. Yes, that was when the seed was planted... Continue reading article ›
Sake Story - Urakasumi Honjozo August, 2009 All because of a coupon! There is a sake on the shelves at True Sake, that made a long journey from a great little izakaya in Tokyo to SF. How? Well let's just say it's a whale of a story! And it's true to boot.... Continue reading article ›
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