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Sake Story - "Rice, Water, & You" July, 2009 I used to refer to it as the "Shipping News" - the countless and endless updates that kept most out of state readers with frowns on their sake sipping faces - frowns because we could not ship great sake to them. But alas the "Shipping... Continue reading article ›
Sake Story - How Do Sakes Get Into the True Sake Portfolio? June, 2009 Two words - "pay-off and cheapest." WRONG Two more "True" words - "Quality and Fit" I often joke that I drink a lot of bad sake so you don't have to! Well I need to reevaluate that to say that "We" at True Sake drink... Continue reading article ›
Sake Story - Top Ten Mom's Day Sakes May, 2009 Yup - you better not forget her. Yes her! The one who brought us into this story called our lives - talk about a "ground zero." Is there any more ground zero for each of us than our dear mothers? (I must tread very lightly... Continue reading article ›
Sake Story - Sake As A Food Source October, 2008 When was the last time that you ate booze? A good solid square meal of alcohol? A big heaping portion of giggle juice? And no your watermelon with a hole filled with vodka does not count. Neither does that jello shot! Nor does your rum... Continue reading article ›
Sake Story - The Value of Sake September, 2008 It's the economy stoopid! Yes, times are pretty tight and tough at the moment, and I thought that it would be wise to write a little about the state of the sake economy. Specifically how it hits you in your wallet. I say this speaking... Continue reading article ›
Sake Story - 5 Years Ago! August, 2008 It was August 7th 2003 at 2:30PM when I opened the door of my "sake shop" to the public. The store was not even finished! Instead of my fancy surfboard like table I had two wooden horses with a massive piece of plywood for the... Continue reading article ›

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