September 2014 - Every Day is Sake Day! September, 2014 Dear True Sake Reader,   Welcome to the 121st issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this “dry” issue learn some new tricks on how to navigate a sake menu for the best values, take a final look at Sake Day and get your... Continue reading article ›
Sake Tricks – How To Navigate A Sake Menu September, 2014 So there you are! Sitting in that new sushi place! Or waiting in line at the new “Izakaya” which is the rage! With a sake menu in your hand you try to play it cool and you game plan what to order. So what do... Continue reading article ›
True Sake Live Presents the 9th Annual Sake Day 2014 September, 2014 Just one more week to get your tickets!   Nihonshu no Hi is the day of sake in Japan and it’s always on October 1st, but that day is a Wednesday and we need a serious Saturday to do all of the sake... Continue reading article ›
Sake Challenge – Hiromi Iiuchi Puts Sake Up Against French Fare September, 2014 I am on a spiritual sake quest that will finally put a nail in the coffin of the "sake can only be consumed at a sushi restaurant" mantra. Wake up people! Food and sake go together - always have and always will. If... Continue reading article ›
Top Ten List – Top TEN “Drought Buster” Dry Sakes September, 2014 Yes! It’s true. California is in a terrible drought! It’s dry here, very dry! They are even starting to bring out the water police, as well as phone-in “tip” lines where you can nark on a neighbor. That’s cold! And dry! Speaking of cold... Continue reading article ›
The Beau-Zone Layer – Jinyu “Brave Warrior’ September, 2014 Junmai Ginjo SMV: +/-0 Acidity: 1.4 From Chiba Prefecture.   Say hello to one of “those” sakes. Why one of “those”? There are a few select sakes which for me – as a “professional” – are hard as hell to write... Continue reading article ›
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