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Beware the Tides of March March, 2018 Welcome to the 163rd Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this very blustery and cold edition, it’s time to praise all things unpasteurized in a nama salute, discover how the sake industry has finally taken up arms to compete with the other alcohols, pick ten... Continue reading article ›
Top Ten List – Ten Great Sakes To Warm You up! March, 2018 Not sure if you noticed, but Punxsutawney Phil did see his own shadow on February 2nd! That adorable little rodent just gave you six more weeks of chilly winter. The east coast has felt it with three huge storms in a row, and the west... Continue reading article ›
TOP 10 List – The Top Ten Booziest Sakes in The Store August, 2017 I enjoy talking to older Japanese men and women sake drinkers. Why? They are the most opinionated and speak the truth. And most will tell you that they drink alcohol to taste the alcohol. Period! They frown on light and clean sakes that drink like... Continue reading article ›
TOP 10 List – Two “Sake 101” Kits For At Home Craziness July, 2017 Herewith are two different sake sets that let you explore the traditional and general sake expressions of the categories of sake. It’s important to say that they are generalities, but they are pretty on target for the perceived notion of typical sakes within a category.... Continue reading article ›
June is Junmai! June, 2017 Welcome to the 154th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this Junmai special issue, learn why we have declared June, “Junmai Month” at the store, read the medal results from the IWC 2017 and check out which of these sakes we carry or can get... Continue reading article ›
TOP 10 List – Ten Junmai Sakes Worth Their Rice and Water! June, 2017 The word Junmai really has two meanings in the sake world. The first is a category name that revolves around how much a sake uses milled or polished rice to a certain percentage (It used to be a standard 30% removal and 70% remaining figure),... Continue reading article ›

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