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TOP Ten List – Ten Sakes That Are Great For The Bar-B-Q May, 2017 I never knew that May was the official month of Bar-B-Q. Did you? Okay Smarty Pants did you know that sake goes very well with Bar-B-Q and all things off a Bar-B-Q grill? That’s right! Meats, game, fowl, fish and veggies, you grill it and... Continue reading article ›
Flower Power! April, 2017 Welcome to the 152nd Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this blossoming issue, get your big pencil out and circle your calendar for Sake Day 2017, learn what is as inevitable as death and taxes, get your poetry on, read some past April Fool’s pranks... Continue reading article ›
Top Ten List – Top 10 Sakes That Celebrate Hanami April, 2017 Flowers are big in the sake world! Heck, most sakes have something to do with floral blooms or floral names. In fact some sakes actually use flower or “Hana” kobo (yeasts). So we wanted to pick ten sakes for you to enjoy this floral season... Continue reading article ›
Top Ten List – Top 10 St. Patrick’s Day Sakes March, 2017 10. Narutotai “Mizu to Kome” Junmai GenshuYup, we get it St. Pats Day is an Irish thing which means Potatoes! But why not go the other white starch? “Rice and Water” is a really interesting Junmai that is as unique as this green loving day!... Continue reading article ›
Top 10 List – Ten Killer Turkey Sakes! November, 2016 Do you suffer from the same old boring Red vs. White wine with your Thanksgiving turkey battle each and every year? Does your weird Uncle Joe break out that “Totally amazing red wine given to him by the Venezuelan fishing captain who swears it’s the... Continue reading article ›
Top 10 List – Ten Gold Medal Breweries At True Sake June, 2016 So you want to drink a Gold Medal? Each year the Japanese government sponsors a sake tasting that is the end all be all to the countless number of sake makers in Japan. It is an extremely prestigious honor to win a Gold Medal for... Continue reading article ›

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