April 2017

Top Ten List – Top 10 Sakes That Celebrate Hanami

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Flowers are big in the sake world! Heck, most sakes have something to do with floral blooms or floral names. In fact some sakes actually use flower or “Hana” kobo (yeasts). So we wanted to pick ten sakes for you to enjoy this floral season to watch those beautiful blooms. This is so popular in Japan that they have coined a term and a special celebration called Hanami that lets you appreciate the splendors of the floral season. So enjoy ten sakes that will help you get your bloom on.

Top Ten April 2017 A

1. Chikurin Hou Hou Shu Hana “Bubble Bubble Flower Sake”
Flower blooming season is sort of light, dreamy, and bubbly. So why not enjoy a sparkling sake that tickles the imagination as much as it tickles your palate.


Top Ten April 2017 B
2. Yukikage Tokubetsu Junmai "Snow Shadow"
Have you ever seen a snow shower of cherry blossoms? This very light and clean Junmai from Niigata is a perfect sake to enjoy under the shower of falling flower petals and it does so well at air temperature.


3. Denshin Haru Junmai Ginjo Nama "Spring"

Spring has indeed sprung! And this raw unpasteurized “nama” sake will make you frolic all the more around cherry and plum trees. Get “naked” with a raw sake and let your emotions bloom!


4. Ippongi Ginkobai Umeshu "Scent of Plum"
Come on! Talk about a slam dunk brew for watching plum blossom fall! But wait this isn’t any ordinary sake, rather, this is a sake that is made using plums in the process called Ume Shu. It’s a perfect blend of sweet and tangy to watch those blossoms blossom.


5. Ichishima Junmai "Silk Deluxe"
During this dreamy flower watching celebration why not taste a “New World” sake that is fruity and low in alcohol content? It’s better to dance with the falling petals than falling in them!

Top Ten April 2017 C
6. Kikusui Funaguchi "Red"
This is the perfect little pocket pal sake that you can sneak off into the garden with to enjoy long sweet licks of flavor and the gentle sound of the wind tickling the petals from the flower. And it’s red!


7. Kirinzan Daiginjo "Kagayaki"

Since it is a special season, why not treat yourself to a very special sake that is clean, crisp and complex? This Daiginjo drinks as cool as it’s packaging, and flowers look all the cooler when you are going top shelf!


Top Ten April 2017 D
8.Dewazakura Daiginjo "Mountain Cherry"
This super award winning brewery “get’s it!” They get the relationship between sake and cherry blossoms. Why not go to the source, and enjoy an amazing Daiginjo sake by a brewery that is known for their Hanami.


9. Katafune Koshino Sesshu Junmai Nigori

Let’s not hope for a late frost! Because nothing kills a beautiful blossoming cherry parade like a little snow! But wait! Let’s keep the snow in the glass and enjoy both beautiful wonders. This nigori or unfiltered sake is as beautiful in the glass as the petals on the tree.


10. Dewazakura Oka Ginjo "Cherry Bouquet"
The name says it all! And if that doesn’t help, then all of the cherry petals on the label seals the deal! This is the sake the we recommend the most to enjoy your Hanami this cherry blossom season!



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