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Takachiyo 59 Junmai Nama Red Yeast Rosé

The nose on this very unique sake is almost out of this world with an upfront collection of cotton, sour beer, beets, chicken broth, and Vienna sausage aromas. Say What? Yes, this sake is for all of those sour beer and sake geeks out there, who love seeing how far rice and water can go. The brewers at Takachiyo isolated a famous brewing Yeast called #10, and mutated it into a Red Yeast! No kidding. This yeast produces that pink color naturally, and all of the fun and yeasty flavors fall in line. Look for beets, sour apple, grapefruit, yogurt, peach, blood orange, Lemon Head, berries, and watermelon flavors on a fluid that is zesty, lively, juicy, and actually dries up at the ending with a nice shibumi (astringency). With an ABV of 10% and rice milled to 65%, this sake is both a work of science and a delicious cocktail all in one uniquely pink package. Get your sake Geek on! WORD: Rosé WINE: Rose/Sour whites BEER: Sour Ales FOODS: Fried and greasy cuisine, International spice. (2021)