Product Image Kikuhime Kurogin 3yr Aged Daiginjo

Kikuhime Kurogin 3yr Aged DaiginjoDG151

This sake was built to baffle and amaze sake drinkers who enjoy drier brews with incredible amounts of flavor. The nose on this aged sake is quite fresh with hints of cherry, honey, steamed rice, apple, wheat, and hay aromas. Talk about a complex but very drinkable ultra Daiginjo that is made with the AAA Yamadanishiki brewing rice from Hyogo milled to 40%. If a sake could be sly this brew would be it. Why? Because it baffles you with amazing flavors such as wheat, honey, cereal, butterscotch and nougat flavors that are there upfront then are gone with a dry and crisp finish. It is sneaky to load so much flavor in a light and smooth fluid only to have the weight vanish as the sake dries in the palate. This is more of an experience than a sake. And it is one experience not to be missed if you love the legendary brewery that makes the killer Daiginjo called “BY.” If you really focus you can find a unique vein of caramel, but the SMV of +7 tells you that you will really have to look. A super intelligent aged sake that is a wonder to behold. WORD: Complex WINE: Dry Reds/Crisp Whites BEER: Hefeweizen FOODS: Juicy meat, game, and fowl.
Prefecture: Ishikawa
SMV: +7
Acidity: 1.1

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