Konnichiwa! My name is Chika, and I am happy to announce I am a new family member of True Sake! (In the picture I am the right one just to be clear, the left is my grandmother!) I am from Iwate, Japan. (And YES, Iwate is where Nanbu Tojis are, and they brew elegant, fine, rich and semi-sweet sake that win many awards and are loved by all over the world.) When I lived in Tokyo, people asked me where I am from and they always said "oh you are from Iwate, that means you must be a drinker!" When I was growing up, Iwate sake was everywhere in any occasions; wedding, farewell party, and funeral etc.. You drink sake with company and share the moment and happiness/sadness together. Sake is something that unites friends and family tighter: that's what they taught me and that's what I still believe.

My hobbies are cooking, checking out bars/restaurants, traveling, playing the piano and ukulele. I am a big fan of sports; I used to be a ski instructor, and I like to play tennis, watch football/basketball games. Before True Sake, I worked at a travel agency and restaurants (mostly fine dining, including Japanese, French, and Chinese.)


Here are my favorite sake we carry:


-Kibo "Hope" Junmai (From Iwate, it's a can so I would recommend to enjoy the first half as chilled or room temperature then the rest as warm. It's an amazing sake for both ways.)


-Dewazakura Ichiro Junmai Daiginjo "Abbey Road" (From Yamagata, gorgeously fruity but not sweet. Perfect for a gift!)


-Kamoizumi Kome Kome "Happy Bride" (From Hiroshima, semi-sweet & hints of vanilla ice cream!)


-Tedorigawa Arabashiri Kinka Daiginjo Nama "Gold Blossom" (From Ichikawa, excellent well-structured crisp bottle!)


-Huchuhomare Taiheikai Tokubetsu Junmai “Pacific Ocean” (From Ibaraki, great bright sake!)


Please stop by anytime to talk about anything, like your favorite restaurants and your plan for a trip to Japan etc. I share my stories with sake and food on @chika_loves_food!



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