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Ninki Ichi Sparkling Junmai Ginjo "Natural"

Sparkling Junmai Ginjo

This sparkling sake is the bubbly result of a second bottle fermentation and not carbonation, which makes it lively and super tasty. The nose on “Natural” is a fun collection of steamed rice, yogurt, and lemon aromas. If you like your bubbles on the Brut side this sake is for you. Crisp, tight, bright, and dry the bubbles are small and lively. Look for compact flavors of grape, cherry, and dried pear with a tingle of citrus. Your Champagne glass is perfect for this sparkling sake that is really elegant and lovely. This is not a gooey and sweet sparkling rather it is tight and crisp and brings a smile to your lips. Super tasty. WORD: Crisp WINE: Champagne BEER: Tight ales FOODS: Champagne food.