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DEN Junmai Nama

Junmai Nama

DEN Batch #12

The nose on this locally made craft sake is a nice collection of berry, pear, mineral, and sweet rice aromas. Den Sake’s owner/brewer Yoshihiro Sako has now delivered his 12th run of sake to the Bay Area and the world. Each step in the process has been a learning example for Yoshi using his local rice, water, and imported yeasts to create a balance and style unique to Den. It’s safe to say that after all of the previous efforts, Den has achieved their thumbprint in the sake world. And Batch #12 represents this thumbprint well with a tantalizing acidity and gentle fruit flavors, with an overall richness that is great alone and fantastic to pair with cuisines of all types. Clean, light, bright, and a little zesty, this living Nama (unpasteurized) sake has hints of green apple, young pear, tangerine, lime, and a little touch of banana candy flavors that excel in a wine glass. The citrusy flavors are balanced with a richness that supports an overall umami sensation. Enjoy Yoshi’s journey and enjoy Den. WORD: Lively WINE: Zesty Reds/Crisp Whites BEER: Crisp Fruity Ales FOODS: Shellfish, grilled fare, salty and savory fare, citrus-based fare.

Oakland, California