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Kamoizumi "Sachi"

Junmai Ginjo Koshu
The nose on this “Koshu” or aged sake that was brewed in 1997 and uses two different rice and yeast varietals has a stunning nose filled with raisin, cedar, mushroom, kombu, leather, cooked apple, burnt butter, honey, maple syrup, and wet wool aromas. Slick, slippery, semi-viscous, chewy, rich, round with a complex crispness, this aged beauty is an elegant Koshu that makes you appreciate what happens to sake in the bottle when there are no preservatives like sulfites. Tight, crisp, and dry when it enters the glass the fluid expands as it warms and an array of flavors come forth. Look for honey, soy sauce, plums, molasses, figs, cooked vanilla, toasted rice, dark chocolate, dates, shitake mushroom, and caramel flavors that become more round as the fluid warms. This is a dry sake lover’s Koshu that doesn’t have the typical deep Koshu sweetness. Dry, bright, with a delicious crispness this brew has an ABV of 18% and is great at three temperatures. WORD: Complex WINE: Dry Reds/Crisp Whites BEER: Crisp Stouts FOODS: Smoked meats and cheese, duck, pheasant, turkey, steaks and chops, Christmas Dinner, and cigars.