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Koshi no Kanbai Sai Junmai Ginjo "Blue River"

nougat, umami, smooth.
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Size: 720ml
This sake from the legendary Niigata brewery has a gentle nose filled with nougat, vanilla, steamed rice, and creamy aromas. Say hello to a rich and smooth sake that has a roundness that appeals to those who like their brews with some weight and lots of body, but still drinks light. How do they do that? There is a richness found in heavier sake, but “Sai” is rich with a lighter ride through the palate. This indeed demonstrates a fine brewing technique. Look for nougat, Hawaiian sweet bun, oatmeal and syrup, vanilla, milk chocolate, and warm cocoa flavors on a smooth flow with loads of umami qualities. It is an umami bomb waiting to go off. There is a peek-a-boo minerality as the fluid warms. A wine glass works best to get that semi-viscous chewy goodness. Not a fruity Junmai Ginjo, but rather a rich and smooth sake that drinks with confidence and grace. WORD: Rich WINE: Creamy Reds/Fat Whites BEER: Creamy Ales FOODS: Rich seafood, uni, scallops, grilled chicken on a stick, creamy pastas, baked potatoes.