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Kurozaemon Junmai Daiginjo Koshu 3 Year

candied orange peel, ripe melons, persimmon.
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Size: 720ml

From the importer Floating World:

Masanobu Shindo is the 10th Generation of Shindo Sake Brewery. As a young boy, he learned the craft of brewing at his grandfather's side. The name "Kurozaemon" has been passed down through the generations to become this series of elevated Daiginjos. Located in the town of Yonezawa, the brewery is surrounded by Yamagata's mountains and verdant rice fields.

Shindo-san's sakes showcase the lovely, soft Yamagata spring water and the highest quality rice. Made with Yamadanishiki brewing rice polished to 35% and fermented with modern Yamagata Yeast #5 for a bright, fruity presence, this Daiginjo is aged for three years in cold temperatures, which gives the sake a rounder feeling. Hints of candied orange peel, ripe melons, creme brûlée and persimmons with a rich lingering finish. Enjoy chilled!