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Sougen Junmai "Pride of Samurai" - One of the first class sakes in my book that can make one feel at ease and at the same time roll with the punches with a variety of food pairings light and heavy. A comfortable balance of soft rice, nutty creaminess and fruit qualities such as fresh pear, mission fig and white plum are notes that play when sipping at any level of hot, warm or chilled. In the past, travelers in Japan of would bring sake in their gourds when departing and I could imagine myself carrying Sougen Junmai on my journey for it understands its foundation by revealing itself with each smooth sip. Truly a sake that embodies versatility and solidity at different temperatures with an openness to foods and snacks.


Otokoyama Tokubetsu Junmai "Man's Mountain" - A brewery that has opened doors for novices and kept connoisseurs cups filled. Otokoyama brewery has resonated with me because of how distinct and drinkable each grade is. The Tokubetsu Junmai "Man's Mountain", with its herb nose and crisp mouth feel combination creates a feeling as if you're in Hokkaido breathing the winter air. A choice sake to bring to an Izakaya type restaurant or just sipping with tsumami (food and alcohol accompaniment) like roasted chestnuts or dried fish. On your climb up the Man's Mountain awaits a Junmai Daiginjo at the peak, but one mountain at time.  


Minato "Harbor" Tsuchizaki Yamahai Nama Genshu Futsu-shu - If you've just returned from your stormy and wild voyage off sea and need a sake that can tell of your adventures with one gulp, this undiluted, unpasteurized Yamahai-style sake will save your breath. Powerful, rich and heavy with fullbodied flavors is what you get when you harbor three techniques with a 67% polished Futsushu (a sake thats been polished below premium grade) inside a canteen-esque bottle. Although this sake has no electrolytes, it sure feels like it does with this semi sweet start and impactful dry finish. A thirst quencher after a fun sweaty day at the beach or hot stressful day at work. "Nothing ventured nothing gained", so grab this sake and set sail to Akita prefecture where this sake is brewed! 



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