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Amabuki Junmai Daiginjo Kimoto "Rhododendron"

cooked fruit pie tartness.
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Size: 720ml
This brewery is famous for making sakes using “hana” or flower yeasts (kobo). The nose on this traditionally made Kimoto style sake that is made with Rhododendron flower yeast is filled with clover honey, honeydew, floral, and sweet rice dessert aromas. Say hello to a complex sake that drinks with total ease! There are a gambit of flavors moving here and there from cooked fruit pie tartness, to chewy and plump sweet tones that work melon, strawberry and honey elements. The rice varietal is Omachi, which creates bigger and more expressive flavors. Soft, smooth, plump and viscous, this brew is rich and layered which excels in a mid-sized glass. WORD: Complex WINE: Fat Reds/Fruity Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Oysters, shellfish, grilled fish.