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Tonoike (Bo:) Junmai Daiginjo

old stock; still drinks great!

Note: This sake is bottle dated 9/2021. True Sake 専務 and 課長 taste tested this on 1/2023 and it still tastes great, and on par with the original Beau Timken review.

The nose on this sake that is made with Omachi rice milled to 50% is a bright collection of mango, berry, melon, and sweet rice aromas. Welcome to New World Sakes that bridge the gap between the sake and the wine world. This sake is built to be bright and expressive in the glass and is very wine-like. Fat and fruity is drinks zesty, crisp, and with great expression. It has a very fresh feel that is tingly and vibrant and then you notice all of the flavors. Look for fruit flavors such as red apple, mango, pear, and bright berry elements that explode in the palate. There is a misty hue to this fluid and that almost makes you feel the flavors popping and bubbling around in the glass. WORD: Lively WINE: Crisp Reds/Zesty Whites BEER: Crisp ales. FOODS: Fresh flavors, salads, cheese plates, tofu, sashimi.