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Denshin Aki "Autumn"SE16

This is a Autumn seasonal released sake. Call True Sake at 415-355-9555 for availability, size, and pricing.

The nose on this fall draft sake that has been pasteurized once has a unique collection of mint, banana bread, and steamed custard aromas. Talk about a full-bodied and weighty Hiyaoroshi sake. This brew drinks plump, smooth, and really coats the palate. It is rich and juicy with a little sweetness that is more rich than bright. It drinks very relaxed and fat, which makes for a great food pairing coating partner. Look for banana bread, nougat, honeycomb cereal, and the white inside of an Oreo cookie flavors. As the fluid warms it achieves an even heavier state of pure deliciousness. WORD: Full-Bodied WINE: Deep Cabs/Fat Whites BEER: Big Belgian Ales FOODS: Flavors of the Fall from fatty and saucy to gamey and meaty. (2018)

The nose on this seasonally released single pasteurized sake is filled with cherry, mango, and sweet rice aromas. Per usual this “Aki” is a mouthful of flavor that is fat, bright, plump, chewy, viscous, rich, round and yummy! At 19% alcohol you can literally taste the fruit tones and umami qualities pop in your palate. There is a hint of banana bread and sweet rice flavors that come forth best in a mid-sized glass. A truly large seasonal sake that is built to pair with fall food flavors. WORD: Chewy WINE: Fat reds/Plump Whites BEER: Juicy Ales FOODS: International spice and salty fair. (2017)

(2015)This single pasteurized sake was made for Autumn food flavors and has a splendid nose filled with berry, melon, peach and ripe fruit tones. Wow! What a large “fluid” sake that is vast, very expressive, fleshy, and complex. Fat, chewy, and viscous this brew has loads of fruit tones but by no means drinks bright and fruity like a spring released nama. There are mild fruit tones that border more on rich so look for banana flambé, peach cobbler, and creamy elements, especially as the fluid warms. This year’s version has far more control and balance than last year’s and that elevated acidity and alcohol content is perfect for food pairings. Use a mid-sized glass to get the full activity of this brew and think room temp to see all the splendors! WORD:Vast WINE: Beefy reds/Flabby Whites BEER: Large Ales FOODS: The kitchen sink and all the fall flavors including the bird! 

Prefecture: Fukui
SMV: +1
Acidity: 1.8

Note: Because namas are unpasteurized, they must be kept chilled. We will only ship out these types of sake under your own risk. We highly recommend store pick-up or local delivery only which you can select when you go to checkout. All sales are final for Nama items once they leave our store.

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