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Denshin Aki "Autumn"


The nose on this seasonally released Fall Draft sake that is pasteurized once is a great collection of pear, honey, sweet rice, and apple pie aromas. Say hello to another fan favorite Hiyaoroshi that drinks full and lush with loads of flavor and attitude. Smooth, chewy, viscous, round, and with a quick finish and peek-a-boo tail this is an umami bomb waiting to go off in your glass. Look for cooked pear, tangerine, sweet tomato, flan, apricot, rice puddings, banana bread, and cocoa flavors that move thick and with a great expansive personality. With a 19% alcohol content this is a very robust brew that loves to pair with full-bodied and rich fall cuisines and your Thanksgiving turkey. WORD: Chewy WINE: Huge Reds/Fat Whites BEER: Stouts FOODS: Rich, complex, full-bodied, robust fall cuisines, International spice, meats, game, and fowl. (2021)


The nose on this single pasteurized and seasonal sake is an expressive collection of cocoa, cream, nuts, breakfast cereal, nougat, and toast aromas. Say hello to a real Hiyaoroshi brew that is rich, round, and full-bodied and is ready to pair with most fall cuisines. Fat, plump, full, and very smooth this sake has a great feeling to flavor ratio! It is fleshy and creamy with hints of cinnamon, persimmon, nutmeg, and steamed rice flavors. Lots of Umami in this brew and a larger glass produces better balance on the fat flow. At 19% alcohol you’d think this brew drinks hot but it doesn’t. It is velvety with a gentle astringency that wakes up the senses and pleases the palate. If you like your sake chewy, this brew is for you. WORD: Rich WINE: Fat Reds/Deep Whites BEER: Belgian Ales FOODS: International spice, American sushi, cheese plates, fruit dishes. (2019)