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Emishiki Sensation Black Junmai Nama

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Size: 720ml

The nose on this unpasteurized seasonally released nama is a cool collection of green apple, salt water, bread dough, oatmeal, and honey tea aromas. This brew is a mover! It drinks with many textures and expressions from clean and rich-lite to plump and silky, but wait there’s more to this mid-body and refreshing sake that has a tannin-like dryness with some elegant shibumi and a touch of spritz that accompanies a quick dry finish. Look for rice crackers, bruised apple, unripe pear, honeydew, poppy seed, spearmint, cream, cucumber, and dark chocolate flavors that cascade on a watery flow. Wine drinkers will appreciate the higher acidity play, and this brew excels in a white wine glass. WORD: RichLite WINE: Deep Reds/Refreshing whites BEER: Dry crisp ales FOODS:  Izakaya pub fare, salty, savory, greasy, tempura, veggies, and chicken on a stick.