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Gasanryu Rokka "Crystal Flower"

Junmai Ginjo Namazume

The nose on this seasonally released special sake is a fresh collection of berry, Asian pear, grape, rock sugar, spring water, mint, and watermelon aromas. Think fresh, think fun, think lively, and think very drinkable when tasting this Yamagata special. Slippery, light, slick, there is a tannin-like dryness, lots of shibumi, and a mineral finish for those who like crisp departures. Look for crisp pear, berry, apple, pineapple, white grape, lime, powdered sugar, and lots of mineral water flavors that slide through the palate with a watery goodness. WORD: Crystal WINE: Tannin Reds/Crisp Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, shellfish, oysters, grilled shrimp, ceviche, and caviar. (Winter 2022)


The nose on this very limited released un-charcoal filtered (Muroka) single pasteurized (Namazume) sake has a gentle collection of blueberry, green grape, mineral, sweet corn, cream, ice melt, and milky aromas. Say hello to a new look from this awesome Yamagata brewery that specializes in light and flavorful sake that awakens the senses. If your sense has a fondness for dry and crisp sake then behold this special brew that is clean, laser tight, and drinks with a little tingle that appeals to clear spirits fans. Look for snow melt, asian pear, young melon, crisp apple, white raspberry, spring water, and snowball flavors on a very precise fluid flow with a quick finish. Dry sake with a clean freshness and cool skiers on the new cool bottle. WORD: Dry WINE: Dry Reds/Crisp Reds BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, yakitori, grilled meats, salty and savory fare, oily and salty izakaya. (Winter 2021)