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Hakkaisan Shiboritate Nama Genshu "Echigo de Soro"

winter release, juicy, lush.
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Size: 720ml

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The nose on this Nama or unpasteurized sake is a gentle collection of strawberry, melon, and floral tones. In the sake world, it is a pretty amazing trick to get a 19% ABV brew to drink smooth, balanced, and even, but the makers from Hakkaisan did a great job. This juicy and plump sake is loaded with velvety fruit flavors that do not drink sweet, rather they drink lush and solid. It is a great feeling sake that does wonders in the palate. If you want a glass full of fun, then open this bottle and enjoy a fresh and controlled Nama sake. WORD: Juicy WINE: Beaujolais BEER: Big Ales FOODS: Anything from the ocean and fields!