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Izumibashi Akitonbo Junmai Ginjo "Autumn Dragonfly"

Junmai Ginjo

The nose on seasonally released Fall Draft sake is a gentle collection of steamed rice, blueberry, lime, white grape, cream, sherbet, herbs, and grassy aromas. The brewery loves this sake so much they sell it almost all year long, and it’s made to symbolize dragonflies that hover over golden rice fields in the late summer fall light. Clean, light, crisp, with a clever water-like slipperiness. This unique and complex sake touches many different sake drinking sensations. There is a tannin-like dryness mixed with an astringency; Shibumi, that dries the teeth and palate with a delicate sourness that may come from the very interesting Rakufumai rice varietal. Again it’s complex, but a complexity that is very drinkable. There is a wide flavor field that extols peach, green apple, young pear, young kiwi, Asian pear, lime with a light dry herbal and mineral finish. Aged for 6 months, this brew is a walk on the unique side, and would appeal to any sake drinker that seeks a new meaning in single-pasteurized sakes. WORD: Complex WINE: Tannin-Reds/Complex Whites BEER: IPA FOODS: Global Asian cuisines, dried meats, veggies, complex citrus dishes. (2022)