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Izumibashi Akitonbo Junmai Ginjo "Autumn Dragonfly"

Junmai Ginjo

The nose on this Sake Drinker’s Sake is a cool collection of blueberry, lime, grape, candy, cream, sherbet, herbal, and fresh cut grass aromas. Clean, light, crisp, with a clever water-like slipperiness. This unique and complex sake touches many different sake drinking sensations. There is a tannin-like dryness mixed with an astringency; Shibumi, that dries the teeth and palate with a delicate sourness that may come from the very interesting Rakufumai rice varietal. Again it’s complex, but a complexity that is very drinkable. There is a wide flavor field that extols peach, green apple, young pear, young kiwi, Asian apple pear, lime with a light dry herbal and mineral finish. Aged for 6 months, this brew is a walk on the unique side, and would appeal to any sake drinker that seeks a new meaning in sake. WORD: Complex WINE: Tannin-Reds/Complex Whites BEER: IPA FOODS: Global Asian cuisines, dried meats, veggies, complex citrus dishes.