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Jozen Shinmai Shinshu Junmai Ginjo "Snow"

limited winter release.
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The nose on this special seasonally-released unpasteurized sake is a wonderful collection of pear, white peach, candy, spring water, bubblegum, Gardenia, and ricey aromas. Made with Gohyakumangoku rice milled to 55% and using the lively 1801 yeast, this sake drinks the Jozen way, which is the Niigata way. Dry, clean, and flavorful with a nice dose of umami elements. Smooth, round, full-bodied, slick, fleshy, and juicy with a touch of acidity, this brew has several flavor faces. On one hand, there is mango, papaya, apple, mint, and persimmon flavors. On the other hand, look for rock sugar, herbal elements, milk, cream, parsnip and a mineral finish that has a well-integrated acidity. So you go from fruity and fun to ricey and umami in one sip and that’s as awesome as the blue bottle it comes in. WORD: Snow WINE: Rich Reds/Mineral whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, crab legs, fresh seafood, poke, yakitori, and rich pasta.