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Matsunotsukasa Ryuou Junmai Daiginjo "Blue"

Junmai Daiginjo
The nose on this lush sake is a mild collection of vanilla, rice, young peach, and pear aromas. This is a plump and smooth JDG that has body and brains. It’s layers on top of layers of flavors with a profound feeling that is viscous and welcoming. Wide body and juicy. How cool is that? A very weighty brew that is expansively fruity with lots of umami and a quick finish. Look for strawberry, pear juice, ripe papaya, pound cake, banana bread, and fruit custard flavors on a pure velvet flow. This is one of those must try sakes that is a great example of a feeling and flavor brew. WORD: Smooth WINE: Fat Reds/Thick Whites BEER: Creamy Ales FOODS: Anything salty and savory, grilled, fried, and greasy good.