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Misuzu 35 Daiginjo

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Size: 720ml

The nose on this very smooth Daiginjo has an intriguing collection of blueberry, melon, mango, and pineapple aromas. This is a very gentle and subtle sake that is sneaky mild. It’s mild, very soft, and round, but has layers of fruit flavors that makes the brew drink tender. It’s void of booziness or strange acidity plays, and focuses on silky soft juicy flavors like apple, pear, melon, cucumber and tomato water. In a sentence this is a great gift giving sake as it looks charming and drinks even nicer. Balanced, even, and clean. It speaks to newbies and pros alike. Milled to 35% it is considered an “Ultra” Daiginjo. WORD: Gentle WINE: Soft Reds/Clean Whites BEER: Clean Ales FOODS: Very light fare, grilled, poached, steamed foods without a lot of edges, sashimi, oysters.