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Nagurayama Gekkyu Junmai "Crescent Moon"

fruity, rich, easy.
The nose on this Trophy winning sake is a mild collection of steamed rice, peaches, nectarine, kiwi, and berry aromas. What does the word unique mean to you? To us it means a sake that is different, but different in a great way! Not because it’s a Junmai that is milled to 55%, not because it’s a Fukushima Gold Medal winner, and not because it's a three temperature brew, but rather because as the brewers say it has a “wisp” of sweetness. And it’s that wisp that makes this sake drink great and of course unique! Light, clean, crisp, fleshy, watery, and slick this is a gateway brew for dry sake drinkers to explore a light or semi-sweetness. Look for fruity flavors first like pear, apple, and white peach. Then as the fluid warms behold banana bread, powder sugar, and condensed milk flavors. Huh? Yes, it was a shift from fruity to rich sweet elements, but again it’s not that sweet. Remember the wisp? A truly classic flavor and feeling brew that is so unique in the palate. WORD: Easy WINE: Gentle Reds/Subtle Whites BEER: Light Beer FOODS: Dashi ramen, oden, nabe, grilled chicken, sushi, and tofu.