Product Image Nechi Otokoyama Yamahai Junmai

Nechi Otokoyama Yamahai JunmaiJH175

The nose on this traditionally made sake is a wonderful collection of apple, melon, cream, fruit salsa, and salty aromas. Wow! This is a superb expanding sake that pushes rice and water into the stratosphere of the flavor belt. Round, smooth, creamy and a little flinty it is very complex with an elegant and nuanced tingle of sourness. It has a great mouth filling quality that delivers hints of brown sugar, nougat, apple compote, and candied almonds that literally float in the mouth. This Nechi is rich and full-bodied but interesting light in structure. It is a deep deep sake that has elevator levels of flavors that all go up! As the fluid warms to room temperature or when warmed say hello to liquid umami in a glass. Very umami rich and very tasty. WORD: Dynamic WINE: Full reds/Deep whites BEER: Full-bodied Belgians. FOODS: Meat, game, fowl, stews and rich fare.
Prefecture: Niigata
SMV: +1
Acidity: 2.2

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