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Oze no Yukidoke Aiyama Junmai Daiginjo Koshu

Junmai Daiginjo
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The nose on this Junmai Daiginjo that was aged for over 6 years is an awesome collection of chocolate covered cherries, honey, trail mix, melon, wood, and wet wool aromas. Say hello to a sake that is not only delicious but a great guide to the wonders of the sake world. In a word it’s an elegant aged sake (Koshu) that is complex and very drinkable, almost Koshu-Light.  But it’s also a Junmai Daiginjo that drinks smooth, round and rich with a bevy of flavors such as honeycomb, brown sugar, toasted rice, butterscotch, cereal, cooked apples, and whipping cream. As it’s more chilled, it drinks like a Daiginjo, and when it warms up, all of the Koshu action comes out with lots of smokiness and umami. If you like Koshu you will love the buoyant and elegant nature of this aged sake. And if you’re new to “rested” sake, then this is a perfect sake to practice on. WORD: Exceptional WINE: Deep Reds/Complex Whites BEER: Belgian Ales FOODS: Smoked meats and fowl, cheese boards, complex pastas, fish stews, steak and chops.