Product Image Rokkasen Hitotoki Junmai + Rosé Sparkling Set

Rokkasen Hitotoki Junmai + Rosé Sparkling SetSP09

Four Hot Words: Citrusy, Semi-dry, Bright, & Crisp

Rokkasen Hitotoki "Gold"

Sparkling Junmai. SMV: -30 Acidity: 5.0~6.0

The nose on this sparkling sake that is called “One moment a dream” is filled with cream, tangerine, peach, and yeasty sweet rice aromas. Say hello to a creamy and semi-sweet sparkling sake that has loads of mouth filling flavors with a weight lush flow. In a Champagne flute look for hints of white grapes and sweet cream that are not cloying, but rather full and voluptuous in the pallet. Fat, sweet, and soft it is fun to feel the bubbles come popping through when you take each sip. Creaminess comes through but the fluid is still light and tingly and the 7% alcohol makes this sparkling sake a great taste before dinner and after! WORD: Lush WINE: Sweet Sparkling BEER: Honey Ales FOODS: Champagne fare, fruits, cheese plates.

Rokkasen Hitotoki "Rosé"

Rosé Sparkling. SMV: -30 Acidity: 5.0~6.0

The nose on this very exclusive red rice sparkling sake is filled with lemon, apple, yeast, and rice aromas. Wow does this sake look good in Champagne flute with red bubbles galore! This nicely colored sparkling sake is crisp and compact with dry tight bubbles. Tingly with hints of Tannin-like dryness look for Granny Smith crisp flavors with some astringency “Shibumi.” Crisper, tighter, and more tingly than the Sparkling “Gold” it is dry, tart and lively, which makes for a really Brute-like sparkling sake experience. WORD: Crisp WINE: Brute Champagne BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Dry Champagne fare.
Prefecture: Yamagata

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