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Rokkasen Yamahoshi Daiginjo

The nose on the this sake, which is part of a series that can only be found outside of Japan at True Sake, has a unique nose filled with roasted rice, toasted wheat bread, corn, cream, and yeasty rice aromas. No. 7 is rich, round, expansive, and savory. Be on the look out for very rich and solid flavors such as marshmallow, sourdough bread, sushi rice, and very ripe apricot. This is a beefy sake with meaty and rich action all over the place. There is a refreshing astringency play (Shibumi) that brings all of the roasted and full-bodied flavors together. The strength of this “Chapter” is the undying richness that can almost be described as a reduction in cooking terms. The Omachi rice varietal manifests itself in the richness and solid like nature of this full-bodied nama sake. WORD: Solid WINE: Huge Reds/Vast Whites BEER: Stouts FOODS: More for drinking exploration, but would work wonders with steak, steak, steak!