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Rokkasen Yamahoshi Junmai Ginjo

The nose on this very user friendly Junmai Ginjo is a collection of berry, mint, lavender, and steamed rice aromas. Okay! Ready for a quick lesson that I learned 15 years ago? Niigata Prefecture is known for quick, clean and dry sakes and everybody loves that! But I discovered Yamagata sakes and said that this type of brew is a totally different kind of “clean” sake. Behold a soft, round, silky, and clean brew that has longer flavor and feeling. It’s still so clean – like water – but it is a little juicier and more slippery. There are light layers of apple & pear flavors with a gentle layer of minerals. But the operative word here is smooth! It is so drinkable and smooth. Supremely soft and clean, it is a great sake to give to beginners. But it’s also good to tease the professionals who would ask, “How is this brew so soft and flavorful?” WORD: Silky WINE: Soft reds/gentle whites BEER: Light Ales FOODS: Clean and very simple fare, tofu, steamed chicken, sashimi.