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Shichida Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama

Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama

The nose on this seasonally released unpasteurized nama is a bright collection of watermelon, plums, cereal, oatmeal, Champagne, hay, grape, melon, and tropical aromas. This is a Nama fan’s nama! It’s bright, crisp, lively, zesty, and it pops in the glass. We call it “vat fresh” because it drinks like you just drank out of the brewing tank. Living sake is pretty damn cool and this store favorite doesn’t disappoint. Look for Asian pear, young melon, crisp apple, green grapes, peach, banana, and a kiss of umami on a peppery, juicy, and tingly flow that is full-bodied and delicious. If you can’t go to the brewery let the brewery come to you in Nama form. Lively, quick, chippy, and totally fresh this brew is the epitome of seasonal. WORD: Bright WINE: Big Reds/Zesty Whites BEER: Stouts FOODS: International spice, street foods, beach fare, tacos, burgers, BBQ, and brats. (2022)


Spring just got closer because this seasonally released unpasteurized sake is back on the shelves and thank goodness for that! The nose on this lively brew is a great collection of cherry, grapefruit, blueberry, hay, and freshly steamed rice. Bingo! Talk about a sake that has found its groove. The Shichida Spring’20 is drinking incredibly well, so much balance, so much flavor, and so much fun in your glass. Bright, crisp, and tingly it feels like a nama right off the bat. Then wait for the zesty fruit tones that dance through the palate with a nice full-bodied dry finish. Look for honey, star fruit, green apple, blackberry, and melon flavors that float on an expressive and bright fluid that is so well balanced for being all that! WORD: Delicious WINE: Beaujolais/Frisky Whites BEER: Fruity Crisp Ales FOODS: Meats on a stick, oily fish, international spice, American sushi, comfort food. (2020)