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Taiten Shiragiku Shizuku Daiginjo

Daiginjo Shizuku
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The nose on this specially brewed Daiginjo is a bright collection of grape, berry, tropical fruit, and grapefruit aromas. Say hello to a sake that is made in the most labor intensive capacity (Shizuku or gravity drip) and has a frisky attitude that says I’m both smooth and bright. How cool is that? A daiginjo with kick. Juicy, lush, plump, lively, brash, chewy, and smooth each sip is a delicious wonder. How do all of those great flavors jump around so much? Look for vanilla, berry, grape, tangerine, and tropical flavors on a plump and viscous flow that is very active in the palate. If you like exciting sake this brew is for you! If you like attitude this brew is for you! If you like both smooth and bright this brew is for you! WORD: Tropical WINE: Frisky Reds/Crisp Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: American sushi, international spice, bright fruit and cheese plates, champagne fare.