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Takachiyo 59 Junmai Nama Red Yeast Nigori

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WARNING! Please read the Warning sticker on the bottle twice! The nose on this excessively bubbly sake is an extremely unique collection of beets, lemon, cranberry, meat, strawberry, grapefruit, and yogurt aromas. Stop the presses! It’s time for you to learn a Japanese term in a hurry! Kassei Nigori. Huh? Kassei Nigori means “Living Nigori.” And this brew is as living as living sake can get. The CO2 that releases from the bottle when twisting is simply unbelievable as you gently twist the cap releasing the ssssss each twist. But why work so hard? Because what’s inside is awesome and it’s part magic, part science, and all sake goodness. Opening the bottle makes for a fun sake game. Zesty, lively, yeasty, tingly, bubbly, and very active. This sake is made for a wine glass. It drinks like a dry Brut Champagne, but is flavored like nothing that you have ever tasted in the sake world. Using a proprietary Red Yeast that they isolated from yeast #10, this rosé brew has a unique flavor field of strawberry, tangerine, sour apple, blood orange, and rose hip flavors. This brew is for all those beer and sake geeks looking for a new expression in sake. WORD: Jailbreak Sake WINE: Sparkling/Sour whites BEER: Sour Beers FOODS: Fruit and cheese plates, very specific food exploration. (2021)