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Tamagawa Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama Genshu "Ice Breaker"

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The nose on this very talked about sake is a cool collection of cocoa, wet wood, cream, and nut aromas. Another liquid adventure from Philip Harper. This sake is round, chewy and drinks like a liquid Bazaar. With so many odd shapes, colors, and flavors that forms a tasty tapestry that is so unique and delicious. This is one of those sakes where it is fun to exhale after your sip it! Why? Because it is so many different things in a wonderfully balanced fluid that feels great in the mouth. Thick, fat, chewy, and solid it drinks smooth and fleshy with a subtle citrus tingle and a splash of minerals. Round and viscous there is a grittiness and a flinty character that is so intriguing sort of like taking a bite out of a tightly packed snowball. The best balance for this brew is found in a mid-sized cup, which produces hints of maple syrup and ash with a touch of powder sugar. A wine glass produces a long tail, and an ochoko makes the brew smooth and beefy. They recommend drinking on the rocks and if you do I recommend distilled water ice cubes. WORD: Ice WINE: Vast reds/Flinty whites BEER: Mineral ales FOODS: International spice from curry to tacos and everything in between.