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Tatsuriki Tokubetsu Junmai "Oyster's Friend"

Tokubetsu Junmai
The nose on this target rich oyster pairing sake is a gentle collection of bamboo, Asian pear, balsa wood, and steamed rice aromas. Why pair a fruit juice (wine) with oysters when you are looking at a starch-based beverage with a ton of umami? Smooth, dry, light, and very clean, this special Junmai is a very seafood friendly sake that has hints of brine and a very elegant Umami field. Talk about a “ricey” brew. This “Oyster’s Friend” is semi-crisp, slick, clean, and has a dry finish. Look for rice, wheat, rice cracker, cocoa, and toast flavors that open up as the fluid warms in the glass. If you like it dry this brew will speak to you and if you need a spot-on oyster pairing brew then get your shucker. WORD: Dry WINE: Earthy Reds/Mineral Whites BEER: Dry ales FOODS: Look at the label, Yakitori, grilled fish.