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Tokugetsu Junmai Daiginjo “Harvest Moon”

28%, limited, crystal clean.
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Size: 720ml

This seasonally released brew is the “step above” sake from the makers of Manju and Hekiju (Kubota). The nose on this sake is a wonderful collection of apricot, mineral, koji rice, wheat, and nougat aromas. Each grain of the special brewing rice – Yuki no Sei - has been milled to 28%. Tokugetsu is perhaps one of the cleanest, water-like sake on the planet. A “phantom” sake where you do not remember swallowing. The watery feeling and taste is amazing, and deep within there is a layer of fruit tones and a vein of nougat with layers of umami goodness. Asahi Shuzo only releases this sake in the Fall to celebrate the Harvest Moon. When it’s gone, you will kick yourself for another year. WORD: Crystal Clean WINE: Soft Reds/Most Whites BEER: Ales FOODS: Oysters, sashimi, shellfish.