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Wakaze Junmai "Nigori"

100% made in france.
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Size: 750ml

From the brewer Wakaze Brewery:

Its cloudy, slightly opaque color announces from the first moments of tasting an amazing sake, unfiltered but pressed thanks to a specific process, called "Jо̄sо̄". This technique allows a little dregs of sake to be infused into the final juice, which gives slightly milky, sweet and airy aromas. A bottle of great delicacy, which combines these creamy aromas with a touch of acidity on the finish in a masterful balance. This gourmet sake is best enjoyed with spicy and hot food, such as Thai cuisine, or with fried food or spicy tuna.

Nose: Round, unctuous, with a touch of milk

Mouth-Feel: Rich and delicate at the same time, with aromas of rice and milk as well as a touch of acidity on the finish which gives it a very nice balance

Ingredients : Camargue rice, water, koji rice

Paris, France