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Ooki Daikichi Hoten Konnichiwa Cooking SakeUN21

Four Hot Words: Umami, Earthy, Hazelnut, and Round

Calling all chefs and foodies. Finally there is a premium cooking sake available in the US and this one is as good as it gets. The writing on the label basically says, "We red snapper fish cannot wait to be cooked in this sake." Not joking! This cooking sake is basically like liquid umami, so flavorful and so meaningful. Yes you can drink the sake as you cook with it, but it's pretty rich and full-bodied and totally dry compared to mirin - the other cheap and super sweet cooking sake. This is connoisseur sake at its best and if you like to cook there is no other sake out there that can touch the amazing flavors of this cooking brew. WORD: Liquid Umami WINE: Nope BEER: Nope FOODS: Cook your heart out with this!

Prefecture: Fukushima
SMV: -25
Acidity: N/A

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