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"Put simply, the sake was remarkable. It was eerie how close the sake matched the profile we supplied to Timken. We recommend prospective buyers give his system a try - you won't be disappointed."

John Stafford
Orange Magazine

TasteMatch™ is a concept created by master sake-sommelier Beau Timken to help you identify sakes that will speak to you, thus eliminating the need for other people's recommendations. If you can speak to your wine and beer likes and dislikes we at True Sake can put you into sakes that will speak to you! Consider us the of aligning customers to sakes that they will love.

So instead of trying to fumble around and describe what you like in a sake that you had once a "long time ago" try mentioning some of the things that you like about your favorite beers and wines. For example use words that you already know, like earthy, minerally, fruity, dry, rich, robust, mild, clean, crisp, compact, complex, chewy, viscous, boozy, like-water, fresh, bright. Say "I love a chewy Pinot Noir," or a "I do not like big heavy red wines," or "I like fruity whites," and we will take it from there.

It is from our experience that somebody who likes a big and dirty Zinfidel or a hearty Cab and Guinness stout will not like the same sake as somebody who likes a Sauvignon Blanc and Coors Light. That is where TasteMatch™ comes in to at the very least get you close to sakes that fit your palate specifically! It is a tool that has a tremendous success rate, so let us find your "love" sakes!

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