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Beau-Zone Layer

Yuki no Bosha “Cabin In The Snow”

From Akita Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo. SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.9

Beau Zone September 2017 A

One of if not the best “toji” or master brewers in the entire sake industry make this brew. He is legendary and his sakes are very well respected, but for me the best part about this sake is that it is a great “gateway” sake for wine drinkers. Huh? Well, this sake is very white wine like and many wine enthusiasts love it. The high acidity appeals to wine drinkers and the layers of flavors speak to sake drinkers. In a word, this sake will speak to you! By all means, use a white wine glass and enjoy a sake that I have used for almost a decade in my special sake tastings to woo wine drinkers to the “light” side! One cool fact: the toji at Yuki no Bosha has his office in his koji room. You’d think that this would be unsanitary in koji room etiquette but he says it has no bearing on his magically expanding koji rice.

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