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True Sake Selection

Since 2003, True Sake founder Beau Timken has scoured Japan looking for new and different sake expressions to bring back to the United States. We've identified certain sake that we thought would do well in our shop and all across the US. The list is pretty awesome, and includes such sake stalwarts as Cowboy Yamahai, Narutotai Nama Ginjo Can, Urakasumi Honjozo Genshu, Ichinokura Suzune Sparkling "Chiming Bells", Kikusui Funaguchi Monster Can (RIP in the USA), and Black Bull Cup amongst others. Basically, we found these brews and told our importers that they would kick butt, and they have over the years.

The only problem is that when we “discovered” these brews, we asked for “exclusivity” for a limited time, because we wanted the breweries to sell a lot of sake. This is a good thing! And we are proud of our track record. In retrospect, we should have put some form of “tag” on the back labels to show that we helped these brews along. It feels good to watch certain sake take wing and excel around the world. But, we still would love that tag or brand to designate that we were involved on the back labels.

In this light, we have to find bottles that separate us from the competition. We have embarked on a new project to identify and bring to market sake that we think will work well, and we call them True Sake Selections. Stay tuned for new bottles in the True Sake Selection series, coming soon!

Left to right: Kikuhime Futsushu, Konnichiwa Cooking Sake, Fukumimi Junmai Genshu. 

  • Kikuhime Futsushu "Kiku"

    Kikuhime Futsushu "Kiku"

    first ever true sake selection!

    This review was conducted at the recommended room temperature. The nose on this one of a kind sake is a tantalizing collection of Shiitake, sweet n...

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  • Ooki Daikichi Cooking Sake "Konnichiwa"

    Ooki Daikichi Cooking Sake "Konnichiwa"

    true sake selection #2

    Calling all chefs and foodies. Finally there is a premium cooking sake available in the US and this one is as good as it gets. The writing on the l...

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  • Fukumimi Junmai Genshu

    Fukumimi Junmai Genshu

    true sake selection #3

    The nose on this two year aged sake is a superb collection of butter rum, cooked apple, cocoa, orange, peach, caramel, shitake, malt, and honey aro...

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