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Sake Explorer’s Episode 2

Are you ready to take a second sake adventure? After Sake Explorer 1, get ready for another walk down sake expression lane. This collection is another very diverse selection of sake made in unusual ways, using unusual methods to push sake to the boundaries and beyond. In some instances, these brews are trying to attract new world customers and some brews are expressions of the oldest ways of making sake on record. Each sake is a story unto itself and it’s up to you to taste along. 

1) Ichishima Karen "Coy"

  • So you think you Junmai sake? Oh really? What if we told you that this is a New World Junmai sake that focuses on being light and fruity rather than heavy and ricey?  At 10% alcohol and with an acidity of 2.9, this brew simply amazes with how much fruit tones float on a light and bright fluid. It’s liquid complexity best served chilled. 

2) Homare Strawberry Nigori

  • An expression sake is just that an expression of how a brewer can make sake more appealing to a certain segment of consumers. This Fukushima brewery decided to add strawberry flavoring to their Nigori (Coarsely filtered sake) to bring out a more fruity expression. And it sells like crazy. Chilled by the pool, picnics, or just a glass before dinner this sake is way out there on the “Fun Side” of sake. 

3) Gozenshu Bodaimoto Usu Nigori "Nigori of the Ancients"

  • Are you ready to go way back in sake time? This brewery has dedicated themselves to perfecting the most ancient of the ancient brewing methods called Bodaimoto. Which was accidentally invented then used by Shinto monks to make some of the earliest forms of sake. It’s not a thick and sweet typical Nigori, but rather it is lightly misty and far more complex. 

4) Sawanotsuru Umeshu Koshu Jikomi

  • First and foremost Ume-shu is some form of alcohol with plums added. Typically families make their own using rock sugar and shochu or distilled spirits. This very famous Kobe brewery uses aged Junmai sake (Koshu) to give this version of ume-shu a rich, round & velvety feeling and flavor brew that is great served chilled or even with an ice cube added. 

5) Oze no Yukidoke Junmai Daiginjo "Ozé x Rosé"

  • Who said sake can’t be fun? This Gunma brewery thinks so much of fun in their sake. They brewed this Junmai Daiginjo Genshu using a naturally red-colored yeast called “Sekishoku” Kobo (Yeast) to make a 12% alcohol brew that drinks as great as it looks. This is as Rosé as Rosé can be in the sake world. 

6) Daruma Masamune Junmai Koshu "Old Daruma"

  • In the sake world, it is good to be king of one of the many segments. This brewery in Gifu prefecture is the king of aging sake (Koshu). They are such pros that they also blend aged batches of sake. This one amazing bottle of koshu actually is a blend of 1972, 1979, 1991, and 1992 “Vintage” sake. It is Junmai sake like no other and it’s best served at room temperature or lightly chilled.
  • Homare Strawberry Nigori

    Homare Strawberry Nigori


    The nose on this incredibly popular infused Nigori is a very straightforward collection of strawberry, cream, honey, and rice aromas. A super fan f...

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  • Gozenshu Bodaimoto Usu Nigori "Nigori of the Ancients"

    Gozenshu Bodaimoto Usu Nigori "Nigori of the Ancients"

    Usu Nigori Junmai

    The nose on this misty “Usu” unfiltered sake is yeasty collection of creamy, sour, and ricey aromas. Talk about a cocktail drinker’s Nigori sake! T...

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  • Sawanotsuru Umeshu Koshu

    Sawanotsuru Umeshu Koshu

    Umeshu Koshu

    The nose on this uniquely made plum sake is a grand collection of plum, honey, raisin, brown sugar, brandy, and plum candy aromas. Are you ready fo...

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  • Oze no Yukidoke Junmai Daiginjo "Ozé x Rosé"

    Oze no Yukidoke Junmai Daiginjo "Ozé x Rosé"

    Junmai Daiginjo

    The nose on this very unique sake is a cool collection of grapefruit, cranberry, tomato water, grass, Sherry, and yeasty aromas. Say hello to a sex...

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