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Homare Strawberry Nigori

semi-thick, semi-rich, strawberry.
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Size: 300ml
The nose on this incredibly popular infused Nigori is a very straightforward collection of strawberry, cream, honey, and rice aromas. A super fan-favorite, and one of the top selling sake here at the store, this is not “kiddy sake” by any means. It’s elegant, creamy, and very strawberry, on a balanced and gentle flow. Think strawberry water, and then taste the creaminess blended in, and you get a very fun sake from first sip to the strawberry goodbye. There is a touch of sweetness that makes it hard to keep me from smiling, and there is no better pool, picnic, or party brew. Semi thick, semi rich, and totally awesome, this sake is one of those that you buy by the case. WORD: Strawberry WINE: Cocktails BEER: Creamy Fruity Ales FOODS: Cheese plates, fruit plates, desserts.