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Full-Bodied Lush Lovers

Come on and say it! You like body, and who doesn’t? Some brews just fit the palate better. This set is a clever collection of sake that fills the mouth with feeling, flavor, and scope. Which means they are great for food pairings and for playing at all temperatures. If you like full-bodied wines then you’ll love these brews.

1) Kenbishi Kuromatsu Honjozo "Black Pine"

  • The “Oldest Brand” in sake is a full-bodied and layered brew that is loved by all sake drinkers. Thick, lush, and round it’s one of the best warming sake in the business. 

2) Shinkame Junmai "Holy Turtle"

  • This two year aged Junmai, which has been milled to 80%, is a dry sake drinker’s dream come true, because usually dry sake lacks body. Not this sake, that is rich, complex, and full-bodied with a superb dryness that leaves you guessing. Super solid for warming and food pairings. 

3) Gozenshu 9 Junmai "Nine Brewers"

  • Made using the ancient “Bodai” method of making sake, this Junmai is a very special sake that is full-bodied and quite complex. If you like thinking while drinking, this brew is for you. This drinks very much like one of the more complex red wines on your favorite’s list. A great example of a sake that expands in the palate. An award winning food pairing sake. 

4) Kuroushi Junmai Ginjo "Black Bull"

  • Made with a unique brewing rice called Omachi, this “Black Bull” is vast, full-bodied, and super drinkable. A great gateway sake to bring full-bodied wine fans to the sake table. This brewery made the “Black Bull” Cup for True Sake, and it’s a good little taster size!

5) Harada Junmai Daiginjo "Master Creation"

  • Typically, Junmai Daiginjo sake is on the lighter and more ethereal side, but not this full-bodied beast. Talk about a vast and expansive brew that completely takes over your palate with a lush and deep flow. Think velvety and rich and enjoy this premium version of full-bodied sake. 

6) Daishichi Minowamon Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo "The Gate"

  • Full-bodied sake can also be luxurious! Take for example, this Kimoto-style sake that is velvety, round, soft, lush, and extremely full-bodied. But what's cool is drinking a full-bodied brew that you don’t even know is full-bodied. This brew is a medal winning sake that represents the best sake can be, and it just so happens to be full-bodied. 
  • Kenbishi Kuromatsu Honjozo "Black Pine"

    Kenbishi Kuromatsu Honjozo "Black Pine"

    oldest brand since 1505.
    from $12.00

    The nose on this extremely famous Honjozo from the brewery that calls itself “The Oldest Brand Since 1505” is a dynamic collection of steamed rice,...

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  • Shinkame Junmai "Holy Turtle"

    Shinkame Junmai "Holy Turtle"

    Aged Junmai

    The nose on this Junmai that has been aged for two years is a vast collection of earthy, nutty, forest floor, steamed rice, and wet wool aromas. Ta...

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  • Gozenshu 9 Junmai "Nine Brewers"

    Gozenshu 9 Junmai "Nine Brewers"


    There are not a lot of sakes in the states from Okayama so this represents another prefecture’s sake to check off your list. The nose on this brew ...

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  • Kuroushi Junmai Ginjo "Black Bull"

    Kuroushi Junmai Ginjo "Black Bull"

    powerhouse omachi sake.
    from $10.00

    The nose on this very special Junmai Ginjo sake is filled with earthy, ricey, honey, and leathery elements. Welcome to a sake that explains a rice ...

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  • Harada Junmai Daiginjo "Master Creation"

    Harada Junmai Daiginjo "Master Creation"

    Junmai Daiginjo

    The nose on this stellar Junmai Daiginjo is a cool collection of crème brulee, cantaloupe, honeydew, banana, rose water, and mint aromas. Are you r...

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  • Daishichi Minowamon Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo "The Gate"

    Daishichi Minowamon Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo "The Gate"

    Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo

    This dream sake has a classic nose filled with ripe peach, cantaloupe, and raisins. The first sip of "the Gate" makes you a believer, as a chewy vi...

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